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  • 20.12.2016
    Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules

    to ColGreen North Shore LLC in California, USA

  • 17.05.2016
    Blog 04/2016: Digitalization Legislation: Quo Vadis?

    For many countries, Germany serves as an example when it comes to the development and management of alternative forms of energy.



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The Talesun Blog

01/2017: PV is a profitable investment - by Simone Amann

The 2017 outlook for Germany's photovoltaic industry is strong: falling plant prices, rising electricity costs and, from February, possibly higher feed-in tariffs for solargenerated electricity. Read more..

04/2016: Digitalization Legislation: Quo Vadis? - by Simone Amann

For many countries, Germany serves as an example when it comes to the development and management of alternative forms of energy. In order to ensure the success of a shift to a 'one hundred percent renewable' energy policy, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy at the Bundestag recently submitted a much-discussed piece of proposed legislation regarding the digitalization of the energy revolution. Read more..

03/2016: Would you bet on the survival of the dinosaurs? - by Simone Amann

It's astonishing that some still believe in the merits of fossil fuels because they've been shown to be past their expiration date. This was recently underlined at the UN Investor Summit in January 2016. Read more..

02/2016: Win-Win: Photovoltaic-Diesel Hybrid Systems - by Simone Amann

Off-grid systems are mainly deployed when the laying of power lines is problematic and expensive. The great advantage of such systems for operators is the increased reliability that they offer for planning. Read more..

01/2016: Record Investments in Photovoltaic Energy - by Simone Amann

From a global perspective, 2015 was a good year for the photovoltaic sector. More and more countries are harnessing the power of the sun to shape their energy supply in a way that is both reliable and environmentally sound. Read more..

07/2015: Climate Change on the Capital Markets - by Simone Amann

Between 30th November and 11th December 2015, diplomats attending the UN climate change conference in Paris will barter for commitments on global warming. It will not only be environmentalists following the results of these political negotiations with nervous anticipation. Read more..

06/2015: Preventing the theft of Photovoltaic Installations - by Simone Amann

The components of photovoltaic installations are relatively simple to dismantle and to transport. It is not only the honest user that is attracted by the yields – PV installations are an attractive target for thieves. Owners of solar installations should follow a few simple rules, because only unsecured installations are easy prey. Read more..

05/2015: Investors profit from ideal funding conditions for Photovoltaic Projects in Turkey - by Simone Amann

Turkey benefits from excellent global radiance values, and the government in Ankara knows how to utilize them. The lawmakers and a number of international financial institutions offer differing funding programs, to extensively promote the growth of the photovoltaic sector in the country. Read more..

04/2015: Mining Companies benefit from Renewable Energy - by Simone Amann

For a long time, the mining industry seemed uninterested in the utilization of renewable energies. Rising electricity prices and an unreliable supply situation in many mining countries have led to a rethinking of this position. This is because both photovoltaic and wind power provide for the realization of effective price advantages. Read more...

03/2015: Solar Power from Nairobi to Cape Town: Highly Promising PV Markets in Africa - by Simone Amann

Particularly in the regions south of the Sahara, solar companies are finding highly promising opportunities for growth. Providing that the necessary technical capabilities and know-how are in place, the local conditions are ideal for high long-term revenues/yields. Read more..

02/2015: Growth Model: Solar Power in Turkey - by Simone Amann

Turkey still plays something of an outsider role in the economic perceptions here in Germany. Yet major construction projects such as the railway tunnel under the Bosphorus attest to the extent to which the country is pursuing its goals. The main aim: That by the 100th jubilee of the republic's formation, Turkey will stand among the world's ten largest national economies. Read more..

01/2015: Welcome to our Talesun Blog -  by Gregor Albrecht

The big topics of solar power and energy supply and a look over the horizon will be the key themes of the new Talesun blog. With this first blog entry I'd like to take a closer look at our motivation and themes. Read more..