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  • 20.12.2016
    Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules

    to ColGreen North Shore LLC in California, USA

  • 17.05.2016
    Blog 04/2016: Digitalization Legislation: Quo Vadis?

    For many countries, Germany serves as an example when it comes to the development and management of alternative forms of energy.



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Press releases

February 2017:

Dear Customers, 
From February 2017,  we kindly notify you that our Company have changed its name: 
We are now "Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies CO., Ltd.

02/02/2017: Talesun Solar increases market share and brand awareness in Australia. Talesun's product range has be featured on the Solar Choice website
Solar Choice is an Australian company that specializes in the comparison of residential solar panel systems, commercial solar project management and the development of large-scale solar farms across the country

20/12/2016: Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules to ColGreen North

Shore LLC in California, USA

02/12/2015: Talesun Begins Production in Thailand

09/06/2015: Bloomberg includes Talesun in its Tier 1 List of Module Manufacturers

10/02/2015: Zhongli Talesun to begin PV Production in Thailand

13/01/2015: Photovoltaics on the road to success in Japan

19/08/2014: Talesun develops new Module without Potential Induced Degradation

05/08/2014: New Talesun Module available on the European Market

16/07/2014: SA´s impending water deficit calls for renewable energy solutions

26/06/2014: Talesun Posts Positive Year-End Results for 2013

13/05/2014: Intersolar: Project Business and Module Innovations from Talesun

12/05/2014: SA Farmers to benefit from converting to Solar Energy

11/03/2014: SA Mines to invest more heavily in Renewable Energy as Power Costs rise

17/12/2013: Renewable Energy - Viable Solution To Help Balance Population Growth And Energy Demand

03/12/2013: Talesun Constructs 14-MW-Solar Park in Italy

27/11/2013: Fracking not a sustainable solution to SA electricity shortfall

17/09/2013: Talesun Accelerates Dual-Brand Building Strategy

28/08/2013: South Africa to reduce investment in power stations and move towards longterm energy solutions

27/08/2013: Talesun wins 300-MW Solar Project from China Merchants New Energy Group

08/08/2013: Talesun enters the Southern African Market

23/07/2013: Increasingly high electricity costs and Medupi delay fuelling the need for renewable power in South Africa

17/07/2013: Talesun Energy comments on Power Africa Initiative

18/06/2013: Talesun unveils Anti-Glare-Technology at Intersolar

13/05/2013: Talesun enters Polish Market

07/05/2013: Talesun posts solid Annual Results

04/12/2012: Allianz Climate Solutions evaluates Talesun

08/11/2012: Talesun enters the Hungarian Solar Market

23/10/2012: Zhongli Talesun PV modules successfully passed salt mist, ammonia corrosion and PID test

26/07/2012: Zhongli Talesun Solar has signed a 26MW manufacturing agreement with Nice Corporation

26/07/2012: Zhongli Talesun Successfully Breaks into Indonesia Market

19/07/2012: Talesun Solar Germany GmbH opens Italian Subsidiary

05/06/2012: Talesun awarded 900-MW-Project in Qinghai, China

30/05/2012: Talesun Receives VDE Mark of Quality

11/04/2012: Talesun Continues to Rise with 1 GW Module Agreement

21/03/2012: Talesun Solar to Deliver 32 MW of Solar Modules to Alethea Cleantech Advisors in New Jersey

20/03/2012: Talesun Steps-up UK Activities

13/03/2012: Talesun and Rewa Solar Agree Module Deal in Excess of 1 MW

16/02/2012: Talesun to Showcase at the Sustainable Innovation Expo 2012

01/02/2012: Talesun and Leclanché Announce Cooperation