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The largest solar generator in the Benelux

CategoryGround Mounted


Power98 MW

Located in the industrial area Kristalpark III near the city of Lommel, in the Flemish province of Limburg, this solar park represents the largest generator of solar energy in the Benelux with these 100 MW.

Belgium - 98MW

The construction of the solar park had started in October. Companies located in the Kristalpark III business park can also buy this electricity produced by the solar power plant, and thus participate in the greening of energy consumption in the region. The annual production of this plant is around 85,000 MW. The city has about 35,000 inhabitants with a density of 332.94 inhabitants / km² and for an area of ​​102.37 km². Its climate is warm and temperate. On the other hand, there are heavy showers all year round and even in the driest months, the precipitation remains quite significant. The average temperature throughout the year is 9.5 ° C, 17.0 ° C in July for the hottest month of the year and 2.0 ° C in January the coldest month of the year. Precipitation is on average 809 mm per month, smoothed over 12 months.


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