At the forefront of the "boot"



Power14,5 MW

This huge 14.5MW photovoltaic field installed on the ground, built in Calabria, at the tip of the “boot”, is a perfect example that Italy presents exceptional yields.

Italy Calabria - 14,5MW

Photovoltaic energy production represented 8.2% of national electricity production in 2017 and 7.8% in 2018, a year which experienced less sunshine. As the 2nd European producer of photovoltaic electricity in 2018 with 18.5% of the European total, Italy was placed just behind Germany. Solar production covered 7.3% of Italian electricity consumption over the period from mid-2017 to mid-2018, the highest rate in the European Union. There are photovoltaic installations built as much in the north as in the south, Italy being a very sunny country the yields are good everywhere, the yield of the solar parks in the South remains still much better. This installation on the ground is a perfect example with its 14.5MW. Thanks to these numerous photovoltaic solar installations, Italy is likely to rise to its ambitions, namely to pass the 50% mark of green energy by 2030.


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